Arduino airsoft bomb prop

Back in middle school I used to play Counter-Strike with my friends quite a lot. I still play even now, but only like once a year. A few months back I started playing airsoft, which for those who don’t know, is a sport similar to paintball but more tactical. And since I had an Arduino laying around, I decided to make a Counter-Strike style prop for our Sunday games.

The prop uses a serial display similar to this one, one permanent key switch for the power button, 2 other momentary key switches for defusing, one red capped switch used for arming and one car alarm siren for the “BOOM” effect. The software allows for parameter tweakings like the “BOOM time” and “Defuse time” so we can modify it on the playing field if we want.

As soon as the device is powered on and the big red switch is flipped, the prop enters in ARMED state that triggers the siren for 1 second, notifying all the players that it was armed and they need to look for it and disarm it.

When the other team finds it they need to hold both of the green keys turned for the defined “Defuse time” while beeing constantly fired upon by the arming team that wants to stop them :)

I used keys just because maybe at some games we’d like to spice things up a bit by hiding the keys after arming.

I also held a presentation for Arduino Day 2014 Cluj-Napoca about it. Link

Attached is the code for it. Link

Here are some photos with it in action





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Mihai Blaga