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BMW Esys Coding dots issue

We recently got a new car, 2017 F30 and the first thing I did was to get a ENET cable and start coding it the way I want it.

Besides the fact that some Esys versions don’t work with some versions of PSdZ data and some versions of Esys Launcher don’t work with some versions of Esys I had a bigger issue after I found a working recipe.

I ended up using Esys 3.28.1 + Esys Launcher Pro 2.8.2 + PSdZ Data Lite 4.19.21 which worked at first glance, but when I wanted to edit the FDL files, all I got was dots…

screen 1

(photo for demo purposes, not my actual photo)

But after spending all day swapping PSdZ files and Esys versions I’ve found a post on a pretty unrelated topic that gave me an idea.

Inside the psdzdata/kiswb/F020/ folder there is a file called KIS..properties. Yes, 2 dots. Delete one, rename it to KIS.properties.

After that I got all the missing data and I was able to code anything I wanted.

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Mihai Blaga