Corsair M65 RGB Elite common issues

I recently got a Corsair M65 RGB Elite mouse and right from the get-go I began having issues with it. Their software, iCUE, seemed that it wasn’t doing anything at all. Everything that I was configuring was not working at all. I am used to having my thumb buttons set up in reverse order, as in the most forward button will trigger a browser “Back” event and the one that’s near me a “Forward”. From “factory” this mouse does it the usual way, forward button is forward and so on.

I wanted to remap the buttons but everything I tried in iCUE had no effect, it even disabled the “factory” functionality so I had two thumb buttons doing absolutely nothing. I said ok, maybe it’s a firmware update issue, since my FW version from the mouse was 3.01 and there was a 3.24 update available. OK, click the update button, mouse disconnects from iCUE…

Scouring the internet I’ve found that a lot of people had both of the issues with no clear solution. However, trying what they mentioned on their website and Reddit with repairing the iCUE install I’ve noticed that after an install, right before the mandatory restart the remapping started working. After the restart…nope. Digging further, I saw in Device Manager that the Corsair composite virtual input device was sometimes present after a reboot, but not always, and when it was the mouse was working. However, when I was opening iCUE it disappeard and the mouse thumb buttons stopped as well. That gave me an idea that maybe some other process is taking over some drivers. Now, back to solutions since I’m starting to talk too much…

1. Mouse disconnects when clicking the Update button

This was solved by updating it in Safe Mode (with networking). Go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Recovery -> Restart Now (Advanced Setup). I don’t know why it only worked in Safe Mode but I suspect it’s because of the same reason from #2.

2. Macros / Remaps not working in iCUE

Before owning this mouse I had a Gigabyte ECO600. This came with a software of it’s own that I was still having installed. I suspected this might interfere with Corsair’s drivers and uninstalled it. As soon as I clicked the uninstall button the Corsair composite virtual input device popped up in Device Manager and the mouse started working. A bit afraid, I opened iCUE to see if my remaps will work (at this point I was having the remaps on a “software” profile) and what do you know…it works like a charm. I even restarted the PC to confirm, all is good after I uninstalled the “GIGABYTE Sim” software.

If you have the same issues and don’t have the “GIGABYTE Sim” installed try searching for another software that might come with a HID(mouse) driver, like maybe another brand of mices, pointer devices, drawing tablets, etc.

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Mihai Blaga