I’ve been using SickRage and Radarr for movies and TV series automated downloader for some time now but there are no reliable download managers for books, games and music. (LazyLibrarian is buggy, Headphones does not allow track download and XDM is unmaintained and buggy)

After the above mentioned issues, I’ve decided to write my own download manager. It’s not complete yet, only the games and music search and music add works

It’s written in Python and it uses the following

  1. Python 2.7
  2. Cherrypy
  3. Jinja2 template engine
  4. peewee ORM
  5. unittest
  7. Spotify API
  8. YouTube API
  9. jQuery
  10. Materializecss
  11. FontAwesome
  12. Modernizr
  13. notificationFx
  14. CI with Travis-CI
  15. Testing coverage with Codecov

More on this on GitHub

Tags: personalpythonopen-source

Mihai Blaga