Synology built-in reverse proxy

I recently bought a Synology DS918+ to replace my home server because it was getting in the way more and more. I have a lot of Docker containers that I moved from Ubuntu to Synology and I have a domain that I was pointing to an NGINX on the old server for reverse proxying to all those containers.

First I wanted to add an NGINX container to my docker-compose file to do exactly the same thing on Synology but just I was about to do that I’ve found that you can do it just fine with the built-in NGINX server.

It’s located in Control Panel -> Application Portal -> Reverse Proxy. You can add whatever proxy you like, customize it’s headers and even enable HSTS and HTTP/2.

For using the HTTPS features you’ll need to go to Security -> Certificates after that and add a certificate for your Source, either import it or get a Let’s Encrypt one. After that, click the Configure button above the certificates and assign it.

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Mihai Blaga